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​We specialize in providing individualized techniques to support you with children who exhibit challenging behaviors, children with disabilities, children experiencing mental health issues or trauma, and more. For families navigating IEPs and 504 plans to ensure that their child's needs are met at school, we can use our knowledge of relevant law and best practices to help you advocate for them. We can also support teachers looking to transform their classroom culture, enhance their trauma-informed practices or deal with particular classroom management challenges.


You will walk away from a one-hour virtual session having learned new evidence-based theories to better understand your child(ren) or class, concrete strategies to try, and a follow-up with customized tools and referrals for you. We will evaluate your needs before the session to ensure that we maximize our time together and develop a support strategy that works for you, whether that is a one-time call or ongoing coaching.


We also offer LCSW supervision for those who want clinical support and license prep.

Please reach out to see if our practice would be a good fit for you!

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