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Whether or not you have experienced trauma, all clients benefit from a trauma-informed approach. This looks different for every client because we focus on collaborating to ensure that

you are getting what you want out of our sessions together. By cultivating safety within our therapeutic relationship, we believe that you can explore whatever brings you to therapy to find healing and empowerment.

We use third-wave cognitive behavioral therapy techniques to help you access the power you have to change your thought patterns to reduce emotional distress and act in alignment with your values.

Rather than following a CBT manual, we integrate its philosophy and skills into sessions that are individualized to meet your goals.

Our therapists are certified yoga instructors who are skilled at integrating meditation and movement into therapy sessions to help you stay present, sit with difficult emotions, process trauma, and practice self-reflection. Mindfulness is an evidence-based tool that you can take from your sessions and use independently in your daily life.

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